About Us

My wife and I are the team that make up Slim Timber.  I have long been an entrepreneur and love working on and refining new projects/ideas.  My wife is more on the artsy side.  She loves photography and painting.  Both of us love to make things.  Especially by hand.  There is a sense of pride that comes with it that just can't be beat.  If you are a creator you know the feeling.  

We are based out of Boise, Idaho.  All of the wood used in our wallets is hand selected by us.  We do our best to choose unique pieces that will show off the beautiful and fascinating qualities of wood.  Because the wallets are made of wood, each one will vary due to the grain and be just as unique as you are.  That is what we love about them!  

Each wood wallet undergoes a personal inspection for quality before it is sent out.  Thanks for your interest.  We'd love to have your support!